Lightning and surge protection systems

Lightning and surge protection systems

 Lightning is a natural phenomenon with impressive and often devastating impact. Not least devastating are lightning related and other overvoltages, which can in one moment damage or totally destroy a large amount of electrical and electronic equipment.
 For protection of structures, people and equipment being inside of them, as well as power lines, telecommunication lines and other services a lightning protection system and a surge protection system (i.e. coordinated SPD protection) is installed.

 The main reasons why lightning and surge protection becomes ever more important:
  • voltage sensitivity of modern electronics has increased - i.e. it has become substantially more woundable to overvoltages;
  • the amount and proportion (i.e. specific gravity) of such electronic equipment has also significantly increased – that is the case in almost all structures, including industrial, office and residential as well as other buildings.

 In Latvia the need for lightning protection is reglamented by the building norm LBN 201-07 "Fire safety of structures" (see Cabinet of Ministers rules no. 866).

 OLIO represents the German company „DEHN + SOHNE”, which is one of the world’s leading producers of lightning protection and surge protective devices. The company also manufactures safety equipment. The production of „DEHN + SOHNE” is known for its high quality and broad assortment.

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